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Proppy The Pacific White Sided Dolphin

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

It was a beautiful day in June 2015, and my great friend Casey Lee was sailing with me aboard S/V The Tigon. If you have yet to read my previous posts regarding The Tigon, She is a 1977 Chrysler 22, pushed when winds are non-existent by a 9.9 Mercury Four Stroke outboard motor. That motor was up and out of the water while Casey and I sailed south from Pt. Defiance, and into the Tacoma Narrows. That's where this 4 minute video will begin. Eventually, as you will see, and at the beckoning of "Proppy", we put the motor down, and get to cruising at appx 5kts. Wait until you see Proppy's excitement over our wake! Enjoy the "Proppy Show"!

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